Monthly Archives: December 2015

Happy Holidays!

What a blast the holidays have been!! We took some time to go around the shop and find out what some of our employees did for Christmas and what they’ve got planned for their new year’s resolutions! Here’s what we found out:

Art (Shipping and receiving): stayed home, ate, drank, and was merry! His resolutions are to live longer and have more fun! He says he doesn’t usually make resolutions though, because he’s constantly reflecting and refreshing. He lives by the motto, “Don’t worry, Be happ!”

Eric (Service): went to Montrose to get back to his roots and visit family. Eric’s resolution is to be an, overall, more accepting person in 2016 and beyond!

Chad (Service): hung out with family, took care of the horses, and cooked a feast! His new year’s resolution is to have a Harley by 2017!

Dea (MotorClothes): spent time with family, and says she doesn’t do the “New year, new me” thing – she prefers to always be improving!

Joe (Parts): spent time with his family, was stoked about getting to hang out with the grandkids! He says his resolution is to keep on keepin’ on!

Todd (Fit Specialist): hung out with the girlfriend’s family and a couple of friends, cooked a nice dinner, and stayed inside, where it was nice and cozy!

Grant (Parts): says he just did the usual family stuff this Christmas, and doesn’t have any resolutions, because he, too, likes to always be improving!

Gabby (Receptionist): slept all day on Christmas! She says she’s decided her new year’s resolution will be to sleep more too!!

Jeff (Fit Specialist): says he hung out with his boys on Christmas and plans to spend more time behind bars (riding his Harley) next year!

Savannah (Receptionis): cooked dinner with her mom for Christmas, and plans to create more art next year!!

Bryan (Fit Specialist): went to Tulsa to see his family for Christmas! He says he doesn’t have a specific resolution, but his plan is to step his game up overall!

Pete (Fit Specialist): had a nice dinner with his mom and is looking forward to celebrating again, this time, with his son! He says his resolution is to stop watching so much tv!

Ryan (General Manager): spent Christmas at the ranch, ate delicious food, and even went for a hayride! His resolution is to eat healthier!

Kevin (Desk Manager): spent Christmas assembling his daughter’s new toys! He says his resolution is to lose some weight!

Harry (General Sales Manager): wpent time with the family and cooked breakfast! His resolution is to get to his ideal weight, too!

Ashley (Desk Assistant): made chicken parmesan for her dad for Christmas, and her resolution is to become a better leader – personally and professionally!

We hope you all had a fantastic Chrsitmas!! Be safe celebrating the coming new year, and have fun!!