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‘Tis The Season Of Giving

We know there’s a lot of gift giving going on right now, especially because we’re quickly approaching the holiday season, and we’d like to remind everyone that Harley-Davidson has teamed up with Wouned Warrior Project, to join efforts in raising money to support wounded veterans and their families.

Founded in 2003, the 501(c)3 non-profit organization now has over 20 programs operating, and as described in wikipedia, are broken down into 4 categories: Body, Mind, Economic Empowerment, and Engagement. The Body section of the programs focus on “physical health and wellness”, while the Mind section guides our warriors through the “combat stress recovery program”. Economic Empowerment “helps members meet their educational goals and aim to support their personal health and wellness, mental health and career development”, and finally, Engagement, through “the Alumni program provides long-term support and camaraderie for wounded veterans through events, discounted services and an online community.”

Now through January 11th, 2016, stop in and make a contrubtion to Wounded Warrior Project with any of our cashiers! Next to the Parts and Accessories counter, pick up a sticker showing you’ve made an effort to help out the great cause,


and write your name on a dog tag slip so we can hang it on the wall and show off how supportive our community is of our veterans.


They’ve proudly served our country, and Wounded Warrior Project offers the opportunity for us to reciprocate. Happy holidays, from the Avalanche Harley-Davidson family to yours!

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Camaraderie – There’s a lot of it going on. We all know, of course, that there’s power in numbers, and even the lone wolf will relate to others in given circumstances. We’ve seen a ton of it here at the dealership, especially during the summer when groups of riders pulled up together during their travels.


As they shopped or waited to get their services done, folks got to know one another – guests and staff alike. Complete strangers chatted about their riding experiences, and told stories of danger, fun, and excitement. Ride recommendations were made, warnings were given, and lessons learned were shared.


We were extremely busy in the couple of weeks leading up to Sturgis!  We got to meet riders from all over the country. And then the World Wide Dealer Show came to Denver where we got to meet people from France, Germany, Whales, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, and many more countries all over the world.

Our HOG chapter is a great example of people from all different walks of life and backgrounds coming together for the love of riding, building life-long relationships, and making a difference in our community. It’s no secret that we all get caught up in the day to day tasks that life demands, like work, running errands, and paying bills. So, it’s nice to be able to have an outlet, and a place to go, a shoulder to lean on, and a friend to ride with. That’s what this HOG chapter has brought to our dealership.


We’ve made a ton of friends so far, and continue to do so as we carry on our journey of helping people reach their goal of riding or customizing their bikes. The memories made along the way are priceless, and their significance is something felt differently by each individual. 


There’s no denying that in the end, it’s all about the experience!


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