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HOG-O-WEEN is almost here!

Happy Throwback Thursday! Check out Fred and his Wife Kristianna at last year’s Halloweeen event!! It was an epic Mummy-Wrap Contest, most definitely!


This Saturday from 11am-3pm we’ll be celebrating HOG-O-WEEN! We’re having FREE pumpkin patch and decorating station for the kids, as well as trick-or-treating in each department! Adults: we’ll have special goodie bags with a surprise inside, just for you! Remeber to try your luck with our In-Store Poker Run!! Visit the Angel at our Start Table to check in and get your poker run sheet, and remember to ENTER TO WIN OUR GIFT CARD GIVEAWAY! Then, visit each department for a poker chip, and when you’re all done, get dealt your hand at the Finish Table! Best hand wins a $200 AHD gift card, 2nd best hand wins a $100 AHD gift card, and the worst hand (yes, even if you aren’t the best poker player, you still have a chance to win) wins a $50 AHD gift card! We’ll announce the winners at the end of the day, but any Royal Flush instantly wins a $250 AHD gift card!! Hot Dippity Dogs will be in the house selling great grub for lunch, so come hungry!

Can’t wait to see you here!!

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Things people did in the 70’s

With our Disco Bike Night coming up this Thursday, we thought it’d be fun to ask people around the dealership what they did for fun in the 70’s. The stereotype is that all things were groovy, almost everyone had an afro, and people still listened to records. 

Steven the tech. had fun swimming, camping, and doing stupid kid stuff. He said he was good, most of the time. LOL Justin in Service jammed out to David Bowie and was still riding on the back of his dad’s motorcycle. He aslo said everyone in the family had a different colored rat tail – mom’s was pink, dad’s was blue, and his was purple! 

Joe from Parts wasn’t married until ’78, and before that he was haulin kegs up into the mountains to party with his friends. Rotten Jack says Red Rocks hasn’t changed a bit since the 70’s! Jack liked to water ski, chill out at bonfires, and says streaking was still in!

Fit Specialist Big Erv graduated high school, went to college, and spent his days tubing down the Sacramento River! Johnnie B. rode his ’72 Sporty from Colorado all the way to Vegas – during the gas crisis even! He said he ran out of gas on his way back, just after Georgetown – but don’t ask us how he made it home! He wouldn’t spill the beans!

A few of the other guys in the Motorcycle Dept. were just born around then, and say all they really remember is watching Saturday Night Fever starring John Travolta in the theatres. 

-Man! I feel like I totally missed out by not being born until the 90’s! What else rocked in the 70’s?Image


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The Denver Chapter HOG knows how to throw a party! On Saturday February 8th, after the Scavenger Hunt at the dealership, I headed over to the American Legion on 16th and Simms for the HOGS & KISSES Metro Event.  Members of Chapters from all over Colorado were invited.


When we got there, we signed in, got our raffle tickets, and were presented with a box of chocolates. The entire place was decorated; from the hearts hanging above our heads, all the way to the mini cupcake table in the back!


There were games to play before dinner, like guess how many candies are in the jar, and my favorite, pin the tail light on the Harley. David, from the Loveland HOG Chapter won the “Guess How Many M&Ms in a Jar” game with a guess of 888. (Mine was 999!)

The Legion prepared chicken, steak, and spaghetti with veggies and baked potatoes for dinner; it was delicious! My grandma and I enjoyed the meal with a glass of White Zinfandel from the bar!!


After dinner, we danced our butts off! – Electric Slide and all! The DJ was awesome – he played music that everyone could enjoy. It was so neat watching couples dance!

We also got to get our photos taken in a photo booth! They had a lot of funny hats and sunglasses to dress up with, and each person got to keep a little photo strip as a souvenir of the party!


The chapter also gave away a TON of door prizes. About every hour they announced a bunch of winners, and gave away some awesome stuff. It was nice to get out with the family!

It’s only the first of many events the Chapter will be doing this year. For more info, visit www.denverchapterhog.org –Happy Valentines Day!

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Camaraderie – There’s a lot of it going on. We all know, of course, that there’s power in numbers, and even the lone wolf will relate to others in given circumstances. We’ve seen a ton of it here at the dealership, especially during the summer when groups of riders pulled up together during their travels.


As they shopped or waited to get their services done, folks got to know one another – guests and staff alike. Complete strangers chatted about their riding experiences, and told stories of danger, fun, and excitement. Ride recommendations were made, warnings were given, and lessons learned were shared.


We were extremely busy in the couple of weeks leading up to Sturgis!  We got to meet riders from all over the country. And then the World Wide Dealer Show came to Denver where we got to meet people from France, Germany, Whales, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, and many more countries all over the world.

Our HOG chapter is a great example of people from all different walks of life and backgrounds coming together for the love of riding, building life-long relationships, and making a difference in our community. It’s no secret that we all get caught up in the day to day tasks that life demands, like work, running errands, and paying bills. So, it’s nice to be able to have an outlet, and a place to go, a shoulder to lean on, and a friend to ride with. That’s what this HOG chapter has brought to our dealership.


We’ve made a ton of friends so far, and continue to do so as we carry on our journey of helping people reach their goal of riding or customizing their bikes. The memories made along the way are priceless, and their significance is something felt differently by each individual. 


There’s no denying that in the end, it’s all about the experience!


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